LG G4 SmartPhone best camera

The camera of the LG G4 is the camera that all Smartphones want to have

LG, the South Korean company that manufactures mobile phones, televisions, and other technological products has introduced its new Smartphone and brand new LG G4.

LG bet by the innovation as demonstrated with the launch of the best complement for your Smartphone, the Smartwatch LG G Watch R.

The camera of the LG G4 is the camera that all samrtphones want to have

The marketing strategy of LG has been different to those of other companies at the time of submitting their mobile devices, LG has been giving information in dribs and drabs of your Smartphone LG G4 before your presentation, but now it has been presented to the public in general gives us to think that the LG G4 is going to be one of the major competitors of Apple and Samsung.

The important thing to emphasize of this smartphone is the camera, that with an aperture of f 1.8 is worthy of a prize, because these openings only going to find in cameras photography professionals. If you add a optical stabilizer of three axs, a sensor of spectrum of color, plus a large sensor and a colossal enormously fast approach we realize that we have a great camera.

16 + 8 Megapixels for their cameras

But not everything is there, and if above we can manipulate the image parameters, as can be the ISO sensitivity and so many others, we have a picture perfect.

16 + 8 Megapixels for the cameras

With its 16 megapixels camera to its rear and 8 megapixels for the front is one of the cameras with more resolution mounted on a Smartphone. What if they have had very present engineers at LG, has been the front-facing camera with the resolution of 8 Megapixels which is ideal for making Selfies of great picture quality.

It is not surprising that the display of the LG G4 is an excellent quality, because LG is one of the companies that manufacture panels of TV for many other brands of technology. In this screen you have integrated technology of quantum dots, a technology that is barely in the market and that its function is to show the colors many more real.

Your screen is not far behind

 As in the more current TV, the screens are curved because the LG G4 also has a small curve and that makes it more interesting experience.

Changing the covers is also a detail

Since he left the first Smartphone, the interchangeable lids were a pending issue, and the G4 has been known get this, because to have designed a housing of skin which causes the delights of the most demanding, giving it a unique design.

It should be noted the ease of use and the pleasant texture when held with the hand when you are wearing the housing of skin.

Changing the covers is also a detail

In his heart overflows with the Android operating system but that has been masked so that the user experience is more intuitive and easier than the original OS.

 This new model has been presented in Paris, London, Istanbul, Singapore, Seoul, New York, and as it could not be otherwise, the competition has been with the mouth open to see the characteristics of the magnificent LG G4.

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