Motorola 360

Very careful design, but something incomplete

 Motorola has not been left on the sidelines in what a SmartWatch refers. Motorola has created the 360, a jewel with heart of Android Wear. Within his crown and under his glass of great hardness, we find its basis for the magnetically charged, making your experience be all good. With the round area, which at the time of leaving the market was entirely successful and well received by customers from Motorola, gives an air of seriousness and to its time of modernity to this SmartWatch.

Motorola 360 Very careful design, but something incomplete

Price something that take into account

 Its price is a little high if compared with other SmartWatch that there are in the market, but only by its design, it’s worth paying $290. Its curves and refined its majesty are its sign of identity.

Motorola 360 Price something that take into account

The only downside is that it is only compatible with the Android operating system, because it leads software as the Android operating system Wear, leaving aside to one of the largest manufacturers of smartphones as is the American Apple.

Their characteristics are short

 Its main features and sensors that carries in its interior make the game even more attractive to the public. The main is built-in heart rate, so you always know how fast your heart beats. Incorporates the pedometer, that feud with the sensor of heart rhythm they do a good job of health information.

 Motorola 360 Their characteristics are short

The battery is something that would have to solve, because its length is not as high as the Pebble Steel, only lasts a day without intensive use, which makes it a little strange that Motorola has not developed another battery with greater capacity.

 The negative point, there is to say that on your screen, there is a space that is in black color and that makes your field is somewhat tarnished, taking into account the careful design that have wanted to give to the Motorola 360.

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