Pebble Steel Watch

Pebble Steel, a watch to be very into account.

Pebble Steel: some of the first smartwatch that came out in the market and that has had a nuena reception among the customers of these wearables. The material used is steel, which gives it a touch of distinction to that you can use in a multitude of situations.

Let’s know more on this Smartwatch that wants to compete with Smartwatch Apple.

Pebble Steel, A watch to be very into account

Autonomy of luxury, Pebble Steel

Its autonomy is something that many SmartWatch would have to copy and try to find a way to hold a whopping 5 to 7 days of autonomy. This is what sets it apart from the rest of the Watch that there are in the market. We will see whether the Smartwatch Apple can match these figures.

Working with Android and iOS pebble steel

The multiplatform is another of the advantages that the Pebble Steel tea proposes giving a user experience very manageable and ornate.

Its price is around $199, it is not a high price, because the competition has its clocks with prices considerably higher and there are those who do not give you the benefits that the Pebble Steel.

Working with Android and iOS

Its operating system called Pebble OS is compatible with Android and this if that is a novelty with the Apple operating system, the IOS.

Your e-ink screen is not a marvel of technology, because it is monochrome, so you can see on the screen black and white colors.


The water should be no problem for the Pebble Steel, because it is water resistant so you can do with the sport or even swim on the beach. This feature makes Pebbel Steel in a great Smartwatch.

Behind this SmartWatch there is a large corporation and users who are ready to join a large catalog of applications that are fully compatible with the OS Android and Apple.

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