SmartWatch Sony

Watch 3 of Sony, a Watch to take into account

Sony has in the market watch a very complete, even is fitted with a GPS for the lovers of the running, marathons, or any sport where you want to know your position. Their finishes are of the most care.

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Watch 3 of Sony, a Watch to take into account

The Watch 3 from Sony takes the Android operating system wear, an OS for these special wearables which is fully compatible with the Android operating system. Its price is affordable for all budgets, because its price varies between $249 and $299. It is clear that Sony has put these prices so low to take away customers to Samsung.

Watch 3 of Sony, a Watch to take into account

As we have discussed above, the Watch 3 carries in its housing a GPS so you don’t have to carry the top Smartphone when salts to do sport, an option that no smartwatch leads incorporated.

Here we detail the sensors that incorporates:

- Accelerometer

- Gyro Systems

Watch 3 of Sony, a Watch to take into account

In its interior there is a Quad Processor ARM7 of 1.2 Ghz, with 512MB of RAM and 4GB of eMMC. A great processor for a wearable so small and thin.

 It should be noted that becomes a smartwatch does not incorporate the sensor of cardiac pulsations, something that the athletes used very usual in the sport. In contrast, has a water resistance with the IP68-rated.

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