Asus ZenWatch is a SmarWatch with price a little high for what little it adds to the range of watches of last generation. Unfortunately, leaves no one indifferent, because the person who buys a SmartWatch is to be able to use it on every possible occasion.

Few roles in the Asus ZenWatch

Few roles in the Asus ZenWatch

Well, the Asus ZenWatch has a few features out of the standards of quality, because it is not waterproof and nor to dust, say that your certification is IP55, with this, we can now do to the idea of what type of SmartPhone we have between the hands.

The quality of the materials is more than acceptable, and if you add a design plus you get a good base for the manufacture of a good Wearable, but we are sorry to say that this has not been as well.

Few roles in the Asus ZenWatch

The area is square, a design more than acceptable, but the curious thing is that Asus has not wished to enter the war of the accessories, because it incorporates a standard belt of 22 millimeters that it can be changed in another manufacturer to consumer taste, this makes it something more attractive, since it is clear that you’ll have thousands of belts to be able to engage the Asus ZenWatch

Asus ZenWatch makes a lot of noise but few walnuts

On the contrary, you won’t have much problem in choosing the model, since Asus has gone by fast-track and has done a single model that is accompanied by the belt in a single color.

As we said at the beginning, the price is a little high for what is the Watch, the $199.99 that slope is to think about it for a couple of days, taking into account that there are other manufacturers of SmartWatch that for a little bit more have very good performance.

With heart of Android wear for the Asus SmartWatch

Compatible with Android and with the Android operating system wear in its interior, it makes your navigation is smooth and fast. The battery life we do not yet have information but taking into account what we have seen until now, we can only imagine how long it may take up the watch.

One thing that has a good Asus ZenWatch is the installation of all the sensors in a smartwatch can be mounted, acelometro, biometric sensors and sensor measurement of heart.

But we are all the sensors it is the inside, the truth is that it leaves much to be desired this SmartWatch ZenWatch Asus. Asus should get the batteries to replace some of their judgments and catching up with the rest of competitors.

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